Post Office Goods Scheme! With less investment you will get double profit, know all the details

People are already choosing to invest in the post office. You may have heard grandparents say in your home that money is safer at the post office and you get a good return from the bank.

This scheme of post office will get good profit

Keep your money safe at the post office

The time deposit scheme will double in Rs 11 years

Time deposit

The post office is earning 5.5 per cent interest on time deposits of 1 to 3 years. This gives an interest rate of 6.7 per cent on a five-year deposit. If you invest in it, your money will double in about 11 years.

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Recurring deposit

Post office recurring deposits have always been popular. Investing here earns you 5.8% annual interest. If you invest at this interest rate, you get double the money in 12 and a half years.

Monthly Income Scheme

The post office's monthly income plan is also one of the best post office home schemes. In which people make a lot of money. The scheme is currently earning 6.6 per cent interest. Investing at this interest rate doubles your money in about 11 years.

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Senior Citizens Savings Scheme

As the name of this savings scheme suggests, it has been started for senior citizens. It is also popular among senior citizens with an interest rate of 7.4 per cent. In this scheme your money doubles 10 years ago.

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