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Easy Area: Land Area Measure Apk  ― Easy Area – Land Area Measure Apk - Easiest Area calculator for measuring land area & distance of GPS maps, photos.

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Land Area Measure

Easy Area is an area calculator app for measuring Land Area, distance, and perimeters on Maps or Images in the easiest way. There is an inbuilt Unit Converter for measuring areas and distances in various Indian Land Units

There are two ways to create measurements:

1) Using Maps - You can search the location of your land/field or find the Current location and place border of the region for which area or distance has to be calculated.
- In the maps, you can find the area with zero knowledge of any prior measurements.

2) Importing Photo - You can import a photo of land, field, or any other structure of a randomly shaped polygon. Then simply draw over the imported photo to do the measurements. You need to provide the distance for the first line created to set the scale ratio for the image.

-This feature can be used when you have distance measurements of your land boundaries done by yourself or by regional Patvari (Government Accountant) and are required to calculate the area for those measurements.

-Simply create a rough sketch and put the measured lengths for boundaries to get the area calculated at real-time. The calculated area can be converted to any Unit. The Unit converter has all the Imperial Units and Metric Units and also includes major Indian Units used for land records in different states.

Awesome Features:

100% Accuracy of the areas calculated using Coordinate and Spherical geometry.

Displays point-to-point distances for each line created on the map.

Manual distances. You can input land border measurements manually. Tap on the distance label of any line to manually change the length of that line. Currently available only while measuring on photos.

Multiple Layers for measuring multiple areas on the same map.

Save and load calculated measurements.
Sharing Area link You can share the link to your saved area. Users having the link can view and update the area over the link.
Infinite zooming and scrolling of the map with standard gestures.

Easy tools to create, update, and delete points on a map.
- Single tap to add a new point.
- Tap to select a Point, drag and drop the selected point to easily change position.
- Double-tap on any line to add a new point at that position.

Separate Area and Distance Measuring Units with instant calculation.

Easy Area – Land Area Measure Application -1 Download link HERE

Easy Area – Land Area Measure Application -2 Download link HERE

Major India Units Included are as follows:
- Bigha
- Biswa
- Aankadam
- Shatak
- Perch
- Rod
- Vaar (Gujarat)
- hectare
- Acre
- Are
- Guntha
- Marla
- Cent
- ground and many more..

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